Why we are welcoming the latest Viking invasion...

As a nation we are rapidly becoming obsessed with all things Scandinavian and its not just Ikea and Volvos. Whether it’s adopting the comfort of “Hygge” lifestyle during the freezing months of January or February,

embracing socialising outdoors (a trend that will doubtless outlive the pandemic) or being addicted to coffee culture or “Fika”,

we are very much looking looking to our Nordic neighbours for inspiration.

What we are wearing is no exception with Denmark in particular becoming a global fashion powerhouse. Scandinavian style is delivering durable, long-lasting products that are meaningfully not mass, produced. The aesthetic is so much more than oversized white shirts and black skinny jeans; it incorporates a way of living and shifts with what we see on social media. We have done a quick count up and at Javelin we are stocking at least a dozen Scandi fashion brands covering clothing, footwear, accessories and lifestyle.

Scandi Highlights at Javelin




And many more including WODENSHOE THE BEAR and PIECES.