Think Pink!

“Think pink!”, echoes Kay Thompson in fashion film, Funny Face and over 50 years later, it is the case once more. All of our Instagram feeds are presently filled with pink outfits worn by the top bloggers, styled on the runway and plugged by celebrities.

It appears this sudden reincarnation of our favourite Barbie hue has been sparked by the end of a rather long winter and the easing of lockdown restrictions, with our moods boosted and eager for as many staycations and picnics as possible. Pink has always had associations with love and compassion, so wearing the colour to spread the positive characteristics is a subtle way of showing this optimism.

Searches for pink in fact rose by 23% month-on-month last year for larger fashion retailers and our men’s and women’s buyers predicted the colour to take over our spring wardrobes too. So, here are a collection of some of our best-selling styles that no other than Barbie would be impressed with:


Pom Amsterdam Strawberry Pink dress £139

Great Plains Winona cardigan £75

Bella Dahl Maxi dress £240

Fabienne Chapot Phil v-neck t-shirt £49.99

Paige Mayslie jogger £255

Part Two Hasita dress £99.95



Polo Ralph Lauren Stretch Sport shirt £99
Barbour Sports polo shirt £45
Guide London Italian Lined Blend jacket £200
Tommy Jeans Essential shirt £60
Polo Ralph Lauren Fleece Hoodie £149
Tommy Jeans Scanton chino shorts £55



My Doris Bumble Bee cushion £55
The Gift Label hand lotion £14
1959 Fanclub framed print £44.99