Living naturally this spring

Our sensory connection to the great outdoors is more important than ever. We are all more aware of the power that nature has to uplift our spirits - as well as how vital it is to nurture and care for the planet.

Green tones are front and centre when it comes to interiors in 2022, and our newest home collections are bursting with all manner of lively, luscious, natural colours and textures.

Rich, jewel-inspired greens will add a fresh pop to your home via cushions, prints and decorative pieces. Materials for furniture and accessories, such as grasses, wood, bamboo or terracotta are chosen to show off their authentic, back to nature qualities.

It’s definitely a case of bringing the outdoors inside. Foliage and ferns appear in prints on throws and oversized cushions; while pots, vases and candlesticks come in a multitude of shades, from acid bright lime through sage and mint, to the deepest bottle green. 

Green is known to have a calming effect on the brain and our emotions, as well as being associated with optimism, so you can feel really good about indulging in this particular trend!

If you have a crush on indoor plants, then we can help you to fuel your passion. Wonderful pots, bowls and baskets in earthy materials such as stone, wood, bamboo and basket weave will enhance your ferns or succulents.

Play around with the green by mixing and matching it with neutrals, or contrasting brights to ensure it doesn’t take over (leave that to your house plants!)

Favourite furniture includes a rattan armchair which would look equally great in a conservatory, living room, or on a terrace, and a gorgeous bamboo daybed that is perfect when draped with luxurious cushions and patterned fabric mattresses.

It all adds up to a very relaxed, very decorative style that really suits the laid back way we want to live this summer.

Rika chair - collection only £350

Basket plant pot £39


Stoneware leaf vase £34.99


Printed cotton mattress 60x100cm £44.99


Bamboo hook £22.99


Bamboo stool £35.99


Stratton hanging pot to bring the outside in £13.99


Glass rolled top vase for flowers to bring nature into your home £25.96


My Doris turquoise and cream velvet cushion £99

 Bamboo daybed - collection only £430


Castello bowl plant holder £9.99


Framed painting £225


Water hyacinth tray £34.99


Country glass candle holder £34.99


Large artisan terracotta bowl £59.99


Floral beach umbrella £275

Ratty Golightly A4 framed Grow Wild print £45