cocoa cashmere

Fresh and inventive collections add contemporary cuts, bold colour and low-key luxury to the modern woman’s wardrobe. For over a decade, Cocoa Cashmere have channelled their passion for effortless fashion into creating wearable pieces that add a little personality to women’s wardrobes. They founded Cocoa Cashmere out of a desire to create the type of unique knitwear in fresh and optimistic colours that we wanted to wear. Built on a passionate belief in craft, attention to detail and quality, Cocoa Cashmere are proud of their transparent production process and ethical approach. Visibility within the supply chain is essential because it gives them complete control over the welfare of their workers and the garments at every step. The Cocoa Cashmere collection is designed in their London studio with production based in Mongolia and China, from family-owned farms and factory. They harvest the softest, highest quality fibre from well-tended goats at family-owned goat farms in Inner Mongolia. Only the finest cashmere is combed from the goat’s neck, after the harsh winter when the animals have begun to moult naturally. This beautifully soft pure white wool provides a blank canvas for dying bright, bold colour without a hint of grey. From design studio to farm, from production to boutique, Cocoa Cashmere knows that each piece carefully crafted to the highest quality standard at every step. This care and attention reflect the immense pride they take in creating stylish, sustainable fashion that stands the test of time, in every sense.