We are excited to be expanding our fresh new website daily at the moment, with fabulous new finds for your wardrobe and home. 
If you aren't familiar with our Bury St Edmunds store, we have a lovely Lifestyle department at the front of the shop. It's bursting with gift inspiration, soft furnishings and easy-to-care-for greenery; all great to make your home feel a little more cozy this Autumn. 
So, here's our top picks of some of our new Lifestyle arrivals! 
This gorgeous, warming candle has notes of cedarwood, cardamom and nutmeg to really get you into the Autumnal mood. It's a personal favourite of mine which is lovely burning in the living room in the evening - I would say it smells fairly masculine, which I don't mind...
While we find travelling limited at this time, most of us are tempted by the idea of some time off-the-grid - anywhere you can find nature right outside the door. Here are 35 cabins, cottages, shelters, shacks, studios, lodges and retreats that we wish were in our gardens and may inspire you to get a little creative with that old garden shed. If not, just having a nosey at these cozy buildings will get you wanting to go on a nice long walk. 
Adding some greenery to a space is a way to make it feel more tranquil and calm amongst all of the modern technology we find around us. Our selection of house plants come in an array of sizes and are suitable for us novice gardeners. They also make lovely gifts, not only for birthdays and Christmas, but to send thanks, well-done messages and more! 
Snuggling up on the sofa is near-on impossible without a great cushion to hide behind at scary films, cuddle up to at rom-coms and lie your head on always! This on-trend Aztec print is one of our favourites with the neutral colour palette complimenting any living space. 
But with a cushion, you have to have a great throw...
Similarly to the Nkuku cushion, this throw is minimal in decoration and oh so cosy. When it's not in use, it looks great flung over the back of an arm chair or on a stair banister. 
Add a retro twist to your home with a funky print! I for one has always found houses to be a lot more warm and inviting when artwork is sprawled (or maybe placed carefully) across the walls. And our collection of prints would definitely add a talking point for any, dare I say, guests. 
We hope you find some fabulous new pieces in our Lifestyle department and don't forget to tag us @javelinfashion in any photos you may share of your new editions. 
Have a lovely week, 
Jess x