Behind the scenes at Javelin

It’s always a treat for us when our new window displays go in. Not only are they a great way to showcase some of the lovely new pieces we have in store, they give us all some trend inspiration and styling ideas too.

But they don’t just happen by magic. Our creative guru, Stéphane is the firepower behind the concepts, the quirks and the magnificent attention to styling detail that characterise the Javelin windows.

He took a break from the installation of the new scheme to talk…


Q. Can you describe the story and style behind the new window?

A. It’s an abstract representation of a sand & forest-scape. A fresh and calm green colour palette is used as a nod to the arrival of spring following the long winter months. Stylised ‘branches’ are hanging from the ceiling connected by lianas to add texture and visual interest which enhances the sense of nature growing and everything springing back to life.

I love abstract schemes because they are open to interpretation, and it is always interesting to hear the varied inspiration that other people draw from the design.

Q. How did the ideas behind this display emerge?

 A. Where my inspiration comes from is a bit of a mystery (even to me!) It usually comes from the most unexpected of places. I may see an interesting shape, a beautiful texture or experience an atmosphere I wish to recreate.  My mind wanders a lot until it eventually has a lightbulb moment and then I get drawing on my computer. 

I get immersed in the design and it slowly evolves. This is an exciting part of the process but I have to try not to get too carried away and sometimes need to rein the design in to meet budget and time constraints…. except at Christmas when I run with it!

Javelin windows aim to be interesting, creative and engaging. The windows set the standard for everything we do and I want them to be welcoming: encouraging customers to come in and enjoy the in-store experience. 

When choosing which product to feature, and how to style the outfits, I take into account the wide range of customers we have. This can sometimes be a challenge, but a good one! Essentially, I want to create a display that will enhance the products whilst being playful.

Q. Can you describe your personal style when it comes to fashion?

A. I would say that my style has been slowly moving towards ‘Workwear’. I have never felt comfortable wearing formal clothing and I love the way some workwear brands enable me to look smart and coordinated whilst maintaining a relaxed silhouette. 

I try to contrast casual clothing with smart shoes to elevate the look. Or, the other way round: balancing out a smart outfit with casual shoes. I enjoy the juxtaposition of smart and casual fashion.

Navy, khaki and neutrals feature strongly in my wardrobe at the moment And, being from Brittany, a Breton stripe is never far away…

Q. Which item of clothing is an essential part of your wardrobe?

 A. Socks, socks, socks!  I love them and they are an integral part of all my outfits. 

In recent winters my khaki lightweight buttoned fleece has been the most versatile and beloved item, keeping me both stylish and warm indoors and out.   I wear it either as a cardigan or jacket, and it layers well to create a multitude of different looks.

Q. Who do you admire in the creative world, and why?

A. I love David Hockney for his confident use of colour and style. Grayson Perry is a great inspiration artistically and as a person.  His personality and storytelling through his art is so interesting and relevant for our times.

Coming from a homeware visual merchandising background, interiors is a passion. I admire designers who don’t follow trends but create timeless designs that reflect their ethos with personality. Look at William Morris’s prints; as beautiful and contemporary today as they were over 100 years ago.

Q. Can you give us one tip for successfully styling our homes or wardrobes? 

A. Simple. Only buy what you absolutely love. That’s it!

Shop the outfits featured in the window here.

Shop the outfits featured in the window here.